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About Me

Site Owner and Lead Tech Writer:

Hi! My Name Is Lewis and I'm A ever-growing, Happily Married, Certified IT professional who has always loved working with computers and people. I'm always trying to grow my skillset in whatever role I'm in. My Career has been an incredible adventure with my experience ranging from maintaining complex computer systems, servers, networking equipment, VIOP, managing office 365 and other application suites, ordering, POS systems, training others, ordering and inventory management, all while interacting with diverse groups of people both remotely and in person. Over the years I have had a wide range experiences, working A wide array of positions from systems engineer to my current position at Missouri state university as a Electronics Coordinator.

the purpose of this site is multifunctional. I desire to showcase my skills, share my opinions on technology, and learn a new skill -Web site creation and management.  This thus far has provided to be an excellent dive into that. Thank you all so much for coming along with me. 

for a full list of my certifications and experience please see:


Guest Writer:
Ryan Knutson

We are very happy to have Ryan from as a guest writer on our site. He is a certified Apple Tech, a Linux Guru, a programmer of many languages and an interesting person with a good deal of interesting ideas and facts on technology software, hardware, and licensing. 

for more information on his past experiences:

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