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A Bleak Outlook -the invisible credentials Box

As An IT professional Microsoft Office and Outlook are probably staples of your workday no matter your job title or what your responsibilities are. They have become so ingrained into the daily operations of our lives and business that it's largely unavoidable.

So Imagine the following Scenario: you or one of your users goes to open outlook.. and nothing happens. When you investigate and hover your mouse over outlook's icon on the taskbar -you See two items open. One of which is invisible.

So now that we have set the stage properly, let's dive in. That invisible other window is nine times out of ten a credentials window. You can verify this by seeing if the user is able to log in to the web version of outlook or office. If they are unable to access their programs then this is the wrong post for you. but if they are able to -Read on!

the popup outlook normally uses to prompt for the updated password is not displaying correctly and needs a hand, see below:

1. hit windows+R and type "regedit:

2. navigate the regestry key:


3. create a DWORD item named EnableADAL and set it to zero.(decimal value)

4. Under the same registry key, create a DWORD item named DisableADALatopWAMOverride and set it to a decimal 1 also.

5. close and re-open the program.

Your done!

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