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An Adventure into Ecommerce.

My interest in the area of eCommerce has been growing recently, I find the idea fascinating. So with that being said, I've started an Experiment. I wanted to get a better understanding of what makes eCommerce Tick. How does it work? Do all products sell? How do you go about selling them?

so to answer some of these questions I am preparing to undertake an Experiment in eCommerce. I sourced about 50 pairs of weird earrings for around 60ish dollars. With the intention of creating an online store and selling them for a profit.. or at least covering the costs of the experiment.

How it's going:

I researched what kind of online store I wanted to start and found a lot of good information. it's honestly pretty easy to get started in the world of online shopping. According to what I learned there were three approaches I could take:

  1. create a website

  2. create an amazon store

  3. create a Facebook store.

the first option wasn't going to work for me, Because it would have less traffic, people would be less likely to make purchases based on trust, and that's a lot of new territories for me to manage.

the second option was incredibly streamlined and efficient. With Amazon, you ship all your products to their warehouse and never lift a finger after that. that being said, they either take 0.99 for every sale you make, or you must be part of a $40 subscription plan. Neither really worked into my small business experiment plan. As 0.99 per item would seriously cut into my margins, and a $40 a month would kill the idea entirely. I think amazon is an incredible place to start a store, but you need to be committed and have decent volume to make your profit. that left my last option... FaceBook. Facebook doesn't charge anything to use and has all the needed function built into the Facebook marketplace. And another important note -it would get more traffic than Building my own eCommerce site.

I'll make another post on how it goes, Currently I am waiting for the ear rings to arrive then I can delve into making the listings!

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