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CompTIA is going to make you change your account

When I started getting certified through CompTIA I was still in school at OTC. We as a class all made accounts since the course I was taking was geared towards the A+. To this day I have continued to use that same username/password to access my resources. Until today. Today I was met with an unfamiliar screen when I attempted to log in prompting me for SSO(single sign on) which was not something configured for my original account.

So I am faced with being unable to access my Certifications to prove authenticity, apply CEUs, or add new certs. I dismal prospect for sure.

But there is Hope! -I called CompTIA and their phone support was responsive. They are going to hopefully combine my google account with my original school account, so I can use their SSO. this also means I may need to schedule my next exam over the phone... (for context I need to take the server+ before they retire it on the 7th of Jan)

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