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Get windows server free!!! mostly..

learning how to operate and navigate windows server is one of the most key pieces of getting into Information technology. This allows you to be able to reset passwords, fix printers, map drives via GPO, and A literal ton of other things. there is plenty of study material out there to teach you how to use it for free. Videos(professor Messer) and quizzes and even entire courses on this specific subject. the Question remains -How do you get your hands on the windows server to play with it?

Microsoft gives it away for free! ..At least the Demo. the Demo Version has all the functionality of the full version. The Only difference is that it has a time limit of 180 days before it won't let you use it any longer.

You are probably wondering "okay, but what happens if the time runs out?" Simply put -Windows turns itself off. After an hour of use, the system will automatically shut down.

But there is a workaround for learners and test environments that need longer than that.

you can use Windows PowerShell to reset the trial period and get another 180 days -6 times. for total usage of three years. Giving anyone who wants to learn windows server more than enough time to learn, build, and play.

I'll try and make another article later on how to Create A virtual machine using the ISO you'll be downloading.

for those interested in giving this a try below are links to download the windows server and another link on how to reset the timer:

Windows server:

How to Reset the timer:

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