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Get you a Government Job.

read the title, and take it seriously. It's good money, they give you fairly decent benefits, a ton of days off (mostly G-Jobs), and most importantly a PENSION. Honestly, there may be some who have never heard of those because pensions are A dying breed. A short summary of what a pension really means is: it's free money you get in retirement without having to have contributed anything except the time you were going to spend at your job anyway.

your initial pay for some positions may look smaller than a corporate job, but you keep more of it because you aren't overpaying for benefits and a large portion of your retirement is covered. (you probably should any-up on the extra savings plan your gov job probably offers, because you deserve nice things when you retire).

I encourage everyone who reads this to look up their local government benefits site and see if your career goals could be served out in a government job.

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