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Homes - An Expensive Problem Maker

Updated: Jul 20

As a new home owner, I am often finding myself relating to this well known meme of a dog sitting in a burning building with the Caption "this is fine". Because armed with what I have experienced recently i can clearly tell he is a home owner too.

Owning a home has been and is a long kept wish of mine. I love the idea, and I feel it is deeply ingrained in the traditional American dream. The American dream too me looks like a small cute house with a green well kept lawn, a white picket fence, wind chimes, and working AC... and that last part is what is currently bothering me.

The Benefit of renting even if its just as expensive as renting(and yes there are benefits) is flexibility and less responsibility. If something breaks its not your problem, its the landlords. what happens If they don't fix it? meh, move. That hole dynamic changes when you own the home, you are the landlord.

the Benefits of owning a home far out way the Benefits of renting is you plan to live in a place for a long period of time. So this is mainly just a rant, but this seems to be the glaring flaw with owning things.

My AC apparently has a leek and is being patched and filled with coolant again for the "cool" price tag of $350.00. Not Cheap, but I'll take it over having to replace the unit which can cost upwards of $3000.00.

the Solution I think might lay with something called "A Home Warranty". Now before you immediately think to yourself "that's a scam!" or "isn't insurance the same thing?" -I know, because I was thinking those things too about an hour ago. Home insurance covers things like a tree falling on your home, or a hurricane, and other large disasters.. but what qualifies as a large disaster for the Insurance company and me differs a lot. I feel a $3000.00 AC unit should qualify for one, or even the $350 to patch it! ...and that is where home warranties come in. they cover major appliances such as AC units, fridges, and dish washers. The expensive things that an insurance company might not see as "part of your house".

I am looking around right now, but it seems pretty reasonable, costing about $50ish a month for some peace of mind.

perhaps I'll try and make another post when i figure this out with my opinions on home warranties.

-update 7/20/23, still no home warranty but still love being a home owner.

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