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How to add an icon to all users desktops

Often times Computers are not only used by a single person. Be it because its a family computer or a computer in a business that multiple employees' are required to login to, its often needed for everyone to have the common program icons on their desktops.

to accomplish this Windows has made it fairly straight forward. Located in the C:\ drive of your computer there is a USERS folder that contains every profile of the people who have logged into the computer, as well as what we are after -the PUBLIC user folder. Anything contained in this folder will be available to every user on this computer.

Navigate to "This PC" then select the C:\ drive.

then select the users folder:

then the public user:

now select the Desktop folder, (or if there is none select the address bar and type "C:\Users\Public\desktop\"

anything in this folder will present itself on the desktop of any user who logs into the computer.

Congratulations, you have just mastered a critical skill for Small Business/Home Computer administration. -For larger environments this will be controlled though group policy,.

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