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Should you get the Google IT Support Cert?

Google is one of the most recognized companies in the world, but is the certification worth studying for? Or should you focus on CompTIA's A? or get both?

the Google IT support Cert is an entry level cert, comparable to CompTIA's A+ cert. But

while They are both certificates, and both entry level, but there are major differences.

First I would like to preface that these certifications are ideal for candidates for entry level in person or remote helpdesk positions. There's a decent amount of information on operating systems, hardware, software, troubleshooting, and customer interaction content in both and neither is a bad option.

Googles IT support Certificate gives you the tools to enter the workforce right away with a standard completion time of 3-6 months. (I'm not sure how many hours they are putting into study every week) or sooner if you have prior IT knowledge.(With my prior IT experience and certifications I was able to pass in about two weeks, I cannot recommend this approach) making this a great option for someone with no IT experience and very little free time to get into the field relatively quickly. All the studying and course work can be completed online and from home or on the go, Making it a champion for availability.

CompTIA A+ is the gold standard entry level certification. You can expect pretty good mileage from this certification when job hunting. that being said -Its Harder and less forgiving. the A+ goes much more in depth than the Google cert, and expects much more retention. I would almost argue that google expects you to "google" what you learned later after passing. While CompTIA expects you to have memorized the content. This exam will cover not only troubleshooting and windows, but also some Linux, and networking. the Testing experience is vastly different too. When you go to take the final test -the certifying exam, you will be proctored by a live individual. This process can be done from home or at a local testing center. (I have done both and I recommend at home)

All this being said... why not get both? While they are very similar, that is to your benefit. If you pass one your likely know most the content from the other. (If you go this route I recommend taking the A+ then the Google cert and only take the graded assessments)

Comparison and Summery:

1. Google: Accessible, Quick, easier testing.

2. CompTIA: More in depth, Covers more content, harder testing.

Either Certification will get your food in the door, which is the intended purpose of the certification. But CompTIA's A+ is more recognized and if you don't have any IT experience could help your odds with getting into your first pick company wise, but Ultimately only you can decide what is right for you. You may want to see what other certifications are offered by the certifier.

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