Google's CyberSecurity Cert

Greetings, fellow learners! I'm excited to share my experience with an online course I undertook a few months ago, hoping it proves beneficial for those contemplating a similar journey. In October, I successfully completed and earned certification through a captivating online course consisting of eight modules. This endeavor encompassed a dynamic blend of video content and reading materials, a thoughtful touch that accommodated various learning styles.

What's noteworthy is the seamless integration between the video content and reading materials. The course's structure ensured that both visual learners and those who prefer absorbing information through reading were catered to effectively. This thoughtful design made the learning experience inclusive and accessible to a diverse audience.

A standout feature of the course was the incorporation of hands-on labs, providing a practical dimension to the theoretical knowledge. This not only enhanced engagement but also rendered the learning process more applicable. A unique aspect was the ability to showcase these labs on GitHub, thereby constructing a valuable portfolio. In hindsight, I regret not seizing this opportunity, and I highly recommend others do so – displaying your labs on GitHub significantly enhances your professional profile.

In essence, the course served as an excellent introduction to the subject matter, emphasizing the importance of hands-on experience and the creation of a tangible skills portfolio. While it presented its fair share of challenges, overcoming them proved immensely rewarding.

It's crucial to note that the course leaned towards a more generalized approach compared to specific certifications such as CompTIA's Security+. This trend might be common in IT-related certifications from various providers. While it may not delve deeply into specifics, it lays a robust foundation, acting as a stepping stone for individuals eyeing more advanced certifications.

Looking forward, my sights are set on the Security+ certification. The initial course has sparked my interest, and I am confident it has adequately prepared me for the challenges of pursuing the Security+ certification in the future.

In summary, if you're seeking a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the realm of IT security, this course could be the perfect fit. Just remember to showcase those hands-on labs on GitHub – a piece of advice from someone who learned it the hard way!