Wires Security Camera installation

Securing my home became a top priority, leading me to the decision to install security cameras. After thorough research, I opted for Swann cameras, a choice that I can confidently recommend to others considering a similar upgrade for their homes.

One key consideration in my decision-making process was the choice between wired and wireless systems. While the allure of wireless convenience was tempting, I ultimately decided on a wired setup for several reasons. In the event of a Wi-Fi outage, my wired cameras continue to function seamlessly. Additionally, the physical security of having the recordings stored in a secure location inside my house provides peace of mind, especially in cases where a wireless camera might be vulnerable to theft or rely solely on less secure storage options like SD cards or the cloud.

Swann cameras stood out for their impressive features, meeting my specific requirements. They record locally to a DVR, boast a user-friendly mobile app for video monitoring, and include a highly visible motion detection light. All of these features, coupled with a reasonable price, made Swann the ideal choice for my home security needs.

Installation was a breeze, thanks to thoughtful planning and the use of siding hooks that eliminated the need for drilling into my home. I strategically positioned the cameras around my house, utilizing the hooks to route cables discreetly along the siding, through the Gable vent, and into the attic. A touch of caulking ensured the mesh's integrity where I had to create openings for the cables.

Navigating the attic, I directed the cables to drop down into a closet in our office/game room, where I connected them to the DVR. The plug-and-play nature of the system, along with a user-friendly setup process, meant minimal hassle during the installation. A mere few hours over the span of a week were all it took to install approximately six cameras, making it a convenient and manageable process.

Now, with my Swann security cameras in place, I have not only enhanced the safety of my home but also gained unexpected insights into the nocturnal activities around my property, including the presence of curious raccoons. In conclusion, my experience with Swann cameras has been overwhelmingly positive, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking to fortify their home security.