Replacing Engine Mounts(2005 ford focus)

So back in 2022 my wife's car was.. well a mess. We have since upgraded her to a new vehicle. But we did fix pretty much everything that was wrong with it before hand. including what this article is about -Engine Mounts. Her little 2005 ford focus was a LOUD card to drive and it kind of shook while at it. Neither of those things were any kind of good. So I set out to get this fixed. I watched a ton of YouTube videos of other doing this process and did a fair amount of research on this before diving in the deep end of the pool -including asking my dad to swing by to look at it with me for some advice and tips before ordering the parts. 

this is a short documentary of what happend and what you can do if you in the same situation:

Tools and materials you may need:


Now those instuction DO sound simple.. and it should be. but if its your first time doing it make sure to give yourself plenty of time to do it. I took off a few days just incase i ran into issues. Which you will run into. Tools you need, extra parts needed, etc. But you CAN do it. There is a lot of work i would say leave to the mechanic, but i feel at least for this car this is a job most should be able to handle if you have a space to do it and the tools. Saved us hundreds.