Everything and The Kitchen Sink, actually just the sink.

The Leaky Surprise:

I recently had an issue with my sink.. It was leaking underneath it. Not something any home owner wants to find out. So this is a small documentary of my experience with getting that fixed. 

The Bucket Chronicles:

While waiting for tools and parts, I stuck a bucket under the sink to catch the drips. It might be low-tech, but it worked like a charm and saved me from a mini flood.

A Trip to Lowe's:

After a quick investigation, I pinpointed the sink drain as the likely culprit. Off to Lowe's I go for parts and tools. Surprisingly, the total cost was less than 25 bucks – not bad for a DIY fix.

Taking Things Apart:

Back home, armed with my tools, I start by removing the P-trap so i could work on the sink drain. 

Seals in Bad Shape:

As I inspect the removed parts, I find the old seals were toast – the Seals which are a combo of rubber and cardboard.. had both seen better days. Clearly, these were the troublemakers.

Practical Move: Whole Drain Replacement

Now, I'm sure you could've just replaced the seals. But the kit i got from Lowes included everything; Seal, Drain, etc, the whole shebang. A $10 parts kit at Lowe's convinces me it's more practical to replace the entire sink drain assembly. 

Putting It All Back:

With the new sink drain in place and fresh seals, I reassemble everything. It was surprisingly pretty straight forward. Fingers crossed, I turn on the faucet for a test run. -it works. 


So, there you have it – a  journey into DIY plumbing. From identifying the problem to a practical solution, it's a reminder that problem-solving skills apply whether you're fixing a computer or a leaky sink. Stay curious folks,