#8. Recovering the non-Recoverable 

How to Recover Lost Files on Windows 10 Using Windows File Recovery

Losing important files can be frustrating, but Windows 10 provides a powerful tool to help recover them: Windows File Recovery. Whether you accidentally deleted files or they disappeared due to other reasons, this guide will walk you through the steps to recover them using Windows File Recovery.


Step 1: Download and Install Windows File Recovery

Step 2: Prepare for Recovery

Step 3: Choose Recovery Mode

Step 4: Customize Recovery with Filters (if needed)

Step 5: Start and Monitor Recovery

Step 6: Check Recovered Files

Tips for Successful Recovery

By following these steps, you can effectively recover lost files using Windows File Recovery on Windows 10. Don’t panic if you accidentally delete files—this guide may be able to help. 

credit to Microsoft for their tool and here is a link to their page on the subject: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/recover-lost-files-on-windows-10-61f5b28a-f5b8-3cc2-0f8e-a63cb4e1d4c4#:~:text=Press%20the%20Windows%20key%2C%20enter,to%20your%20device%2C%20select%20Yes.&text=There%20are%202%20basic%20modes,recover%20files%3A%20Regular%20and%20Extensive.